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“The HOT BOD program was easy to follow, fun to do, and helped me get into great shape! Through the exercise programs, as well as the mindset and momentum guide, the HOT BOD program helped me build new habits and helped me understand why the habits you create are a lot more important than the end goal. I now really enjoy my time at the gym and can’t imagine not exercising. I would recommend HOTBOD to anyone looking to get stronger and healthier.”
Sophie B.
HOT BOD Customer
“Well, I can’t say enough wonderful things about JC! I came to him a year ago when I decided to stop the yo-yo dieting, killer cardio sessions, and binge eating. Although I wasn’t overweight, I definitely had some past food and body issues. The program was such an eye-opening experience because I honestly stopped stressing about training and dieting. I actually had to stop doing so much cardio and focus on the training. It was great to see how strong I was getting and how I didn’t need to do so much… I truly learned that less is more! Thank you JC!”
Ellen R.
HOT BOD Customer 
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“When I started with JC, I was coming from a background of disordered eating and harmful orthorexic behavior which flourished under previous coaching relationships with prominent figure athlete trainers. What I like about JC’s programming is his recognition that physique development has a great deal to do with mind training, habit forming, and emotions — not just the nuts and bolts of providing a training and nutrition schedule to comply with. I can definitely say that JC’s programs and advice have formed part of my recovery process!”

Nicole T.
HOT BOD Customer
“I found the HOT BOD program while searching the internet for that next great thing to help with my fitness goals. As most of us usually are, I have always looked for the ‘quick fix’ program. The HOT BOD program looked like something different, and boy was it. JC has an amazing way of describing everything – the why, what and how of the program – both nutrition and training. All of this helps you to see that there is NO quick fix, but goals are attainable if you understand how to get there. And, JC is available to help with any questions you have. When he says ‘let me know what you think about the program’ and ‘how I can help?’ – he means it. I know this is JC’s business, but he REALLY CARES about people’s individual success. I have a whole new perspective about health and fitness after starting the HOT BOD program and changing my nutrition goals. This is not just another fitness program with exercises and a meal plan. It is a roadmap to help you meet your goals, whatever they might be. Thank you, JC, for your dedication to helping people through the maze of fitness and nutrition and coming up with a formula that WORKS!!!”
Christine R.
HOT BOD Customer